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Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

TikTok is toxic.

Social media creating a platform for assholes to truly shine comes as no surprise to anyone who’s been on the internet for more than a single minute.

Maybe it’s the algorithm, but I’ve noticed an increase in my mutuals posting about how toxic TikTok has been getting. For all the platform's claims to be “cleaning up” the app, they sure allow a lot of racist, sexist, homophobic users to spread their hate. This isn’t exclusive to TikTok. People can be awful when they hide behind a screen. TikTok is just the newest platform for them to scream from.

For those of you who want a career on social media, then you need thick skin. I know people have been saying that for years, but nothing can prepare you for it. The hostility is something that you can’t imagine until it’s targeting you. So, if you’re on TikTok to be liked, you’re going in the wrong direction.

TikTok won’t provide a career on its own. The pay is nowhere near as lucrative as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. But it can provide you with connections for other opportunities: podcasts, collaborations, sponsorship etc. TikTok puts your name and face out there. You just need to be willing to learn, adapt and hustle.

If what you’re posting for weeks isn’t working, try something else. Different backgrounds. Different topics. A different hook (the first 1-2 seconds are the most critical). Experiment all the time, even if what you’re doing is working. You never know how much better your videos could perform, so try all the things.

But seriously, at the end of the day, post videos because you love it. If you’re looking for validation or love, you’re better off getting a dog. You could be posting unsuccessful videos for months and then suddenly go viral overnight. There’s no predicting it. So, post videos because you love it. Because you love creating art.




Whatever it is. Make videos because you love the content, not because you want validation or attention. But who knows? Maybe you can be in it for the fame, and you get lucky.

Stranger things have happened.


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